Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Complete Human Overhaul... The Journey Begins

Seth Anderson Wheel of transformation

Day 1

Four months prior to my 50th birthday, I had a bad motorcycle accident resulting in a broken back, broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and bleeding kidneys. By the time my birthday arrived, I had physically recovered from injuries to a large degree, but my body was still in pretty bad shape. Likewise, my thinking was muddy, and my spirit was weighed down with hopelessness. Despite a great job, lots of good friends, and a loving family, I had a deep sense that my best years were behind me. I felt old, sad, in pain, and without purpose.  I needed a complete human overhaul! 

Having worked in the field of psychology as a counselor and teacher for most of my adult life, I had a great deal of under-applied knowledge about how to improve the mind and spirit. I had also spent much of my adult life as a fitness geek. I continue to voraciously consume reams of research on physical and mental health.

On my 50th birthday, I set out a plan to improve myself physically, cognitively, and emotionally. I created an excel spreadsheet (part1 and part2) to document my moods, exercise, diet, supplements, sleep, and medication. The results at six months were fairly dramatic. Below shows off my physical transformation:

At 6 months

On my 51st birthday, I took a fitness test and scored in the 100th percentile for A 30 YEAR OLD! At 51, I also met the girl of my dreams and accepted numerous leadership roles at my college! See my other posts (links are in the column on the left of your screen) for articles on how I did it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  At 1 year

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